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The Collaboratory

How do media partners feel secure with an agency to run an application? This question is very frequent amongst the consumers. The Hifi Digital Axis is about to launch productive campaigns with effective cutting-edge media outlets to restore, it’s collaboratory to attract consumers.

The Collaboratory’s purpose

Our aim is to make our client get used to with the emerging technologies and startups to resolve the optimum solution. HDA performs as a conduit between our clients and the startup community that will provide the education, interpretation, and best-practices for successful and mutually-beneficial relationships. We are here to unlock the accessories of the leading innovative products and platforms to make Media Partner Opportunity more friendly, attractive, and globally appreciable.

In the foundation of the collaboratory, we are working with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Bankrate, YEXT, and Mass Relevance to generate a valuable solution for clients. Many of these partners are willing to share their predictions about media and some are developing a long-lasting friendship with Hifi Digital Axis as a Collaboratory partner. Why these brands won’t want to make a partner with Leading Digital Marketing Agency of the new generation?

We are also working with many startup partners, offering our clients the benefits of innovative tools decorated with the enhanced focus-based experimentation and agility. Instead of creating proprietary technologies as many agencies do, HDA is planning to own leadership via digital partnerships with startups.

HDA collaboratory categories

We are providing seven essential digital categories-automotive, retail, travel, finance, sound, data visualization and social media to our clients to meet the tasks accordingly. The first four categories come under areas where the community is experiencing the massive change in consumer behavior and venture capital investments with the remaining three being inherently digital and transcend every vertical for a selected brand. Companies fall under these categories will become the part of HDA Collaboratory.

We are already in action, focusing on brand engagement. Brand, which wants to think critically about creating a marketing opportunity will get benefit from the close contact with our trailblazing partners.

  • We are including research incubator for clients that is drew from a wide constellation of theories and methodologies.
  • We are providing Cross-Disciplinary Hub for exploration and discovery of key research-oriented issues in the communication and media.
  • We are a conduit for civic engagement that is a 360-degree approach to a problem or dilemma.
  • We are giving advance learning in design, instructional communication, educational media, and technology. HDA offers many ways to apply communication and media theories to teaching practices.

Companies who are willing to join their hand with Hifi Digital Axis collaboratory will see the best outcome of the modern digital marketing.

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