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Review Management

It is necessary to have a customer feedback in review giving page ofevery online platform. HDA too, offers an opportunity to the customers to check the positive reviews on our services at a glance.

Decision making made easier

Besides offering you custom-made services, it is also our duty to offer you peace of mind. To do the same we have designed our review page service for you. This will let new customers study about your online venture before they finalize further proceedings.

We at HDA think that it is necessary to incorporate a review page, as several customers do a preliminary research about the services offered and also about the company before making the final deal. Having your business listed in the social media will make you reach new clients everyday, drive fresh traffic to your venture and to increase your sales in the long run. However, to call in new audiences you need to have some fixed system that will help you respond and manage reviews.

With Online Review Monitoring service from Hifi Digital Axis, our team of professionals will judge your online presence and come up with a tailor-made reputation management strategy that will take your venture one step further.

Make people come back to you

We at Hifi Digital Axis, offer various types of review management packages. Once you visit our site you can learn in detail about Online Review Management Tips & Pricing and choose one that is perfect for your business. You can easily attract more customers by responding to regular reviews. The reputation management professionals at HDA will help you to manage reviews efficiently and make customers return to your business. You reputation might suffer if you are not having any review management framework. Read along to know more about our review managing service and how it will benefit your online venture.

How to respond and manage

This happens to be the million dollar question when it comes to managing customer reviews. The success of your business also depends on how efficiently you manage both positive as well as negative reviews. Do not worry. Our experts are here to teach you the effective way to respond to every review. You should make out time every day from your busy schedule to welcome positive reviews and reply to negative one’s in a tactful manner. One un-responded negative review can spoil your company online reputation as people rely on the reviews before proceeding with your business.

Handy tips

Responding to customer reviews can be a time-consuming process. If someone is frustrated with the services offered by you, they can literally bash your venture in online review sites. On the other hand, people can praise your offerings if you come up with some out of the box services. No matter whatever type of customer you face, our team follows a golden rule to manage reviews.

  • We always try to stay positive
  • Search for probable solutions to better your experience next time
  • Take out time to reply

To learn more and implement effective review management strategies, visit us today.

Review Management and Monitoring Service Packages & Pricing

Review Management & Monitoring Service

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$1,500.00Per MonthSetup + Monthly Investment
$2,300.00Per MonthSetup + Monthly Investment
$3,400.00Per MonthSetup + Monthly Investment


Number of store or location


2 to 5

6 to 10

One Time Setup Fee

$950.00 $1,350.00 $1,950.00

Ongoing Monthly Investment

$550.00 $950.00 $1,450.00

Minimum Duration

3 months

3 months

3 months


Online review management to generate positive testimonials

Initial online brand reputation analysis

Setup, claim, & optimize all review assets

Formulation of standard operating procedure road map and document for review responses

Responses to reviews publicly on included digital assets

Routing of negative reviews and consultation on responses

Monthly online brand reputation analysis

Optional: Each additional review site monitored weekly for all locations (Ex. TripAdvisor, Glassdoor, OpenTable, HealthGrades, etc.)

$125.00 Per Month

$250.00 Per Month

$650.00 Per Month

Testimonials collected via template landing page with custom links for each location

Different positive vs. negative feedback flow

Ability to generate reviews on review sites (Google, Facebook, & Yelp)

Guides customers with clear instructions and conversion triggers

Alerts sent when new reviews are published

Ability to customize template email landing pages

Ability to easily integrate positive testimonials with website

Access to email nurture features

Ability to upload a bulk list of customers or your account manager can send surveys to this list


Review Response Performance Report

Social Listening Report


Email & Chat


Project Management Tool Tracking

Payable Amount $1,500.00 $2,300.00 $3,400.00
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FAQs about HDA Review Management & Monitoring Service

  • Do you syndicate content? If so, where?

    If the reviews actually go to multiple places, then one review has the power of many reviews. If they go to only one place, like the business website, that might be fine, too. But you should understand where the reviews are going to show up before you start.
  • How will you help me with negative reviews?

    You know that negative reviews are going to come. When you get them, can you use the service to respond to negative reviews? Can you reach out to customers via the service? Having a game plan for negative reviews at the start is always advisable so you are not in crisis mode when it happens.
  • How many different ways will you offer to help capture reviews?

    Not everybody is going to respond to a review request in the same way. The more ways you can get in front of customers, the better you’ll be able to get them to respond.
  • Do you believe in your product enough to make your contracts month-to-month?

  • If I cancel my contract, are all of my reviews removed?

    This can be a slightly uncomfortable question for some in the industry, but it’s certainly worth knowing about before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Are you one of the “bad actors”? (And I’m not talking about Amazon/MMT.)

    – Do you create fake accounts to post reviews?

    – Will you let me block all of my negative reviews?

    – Will you or I make up my reviews?

    We personally don’t care which route you take. If faking reviews is your thing and you want to take the risk and poison the public, well, don’t be surprised if your Yelp page gets a nasty logo on it and your Google reviews get taken down. Just be sure you know if you’re buying Amazon or MMT.

  • Can you automate the review request process so I don’t have to input any data?

    If you can’t, we are going to stop remembering to use your service in a few months.

    This is really important for local businesses. You don’t think about this when you sign up because you’re all stoked about it, but sooner or later you move onto other things. Local Viewpoints has an interesting automated review solution.

  • Will you help me get reviews in all of the places that matter to me like Google, Yelp, etc.?

    Lots of review vendors will point you toward just their solution to capture reviews, but what a business cares about is having reviews everywhere, not just in one specific place, so they’re picking up leads from a lot of different sources. We really like the way Get Five Stars does this.
  • Can I manage multiple locations from one dashboard?

    If you’ve ever tried to manage multiple locations from multiple dashboards, you would know why I’ve committed mock suicide… multiple times. We think Customer Lobby does a great job with its dashboard.
  • Do you have a mobile or a kiosk option so I can collect reviews in person/on-site?

    Often times, you’ll have a higher review capture rate if you hit up the customer right at the moment of happiness. As time goes by, there will be less impetus to write a review. (Re using a kiosk, this is against both Google’s and Yelp’s rules, so if you want to use kiosks to get reviews, I suggest you send people to review sites that don’t mind if you do this. Your website, for instance.)

    If you cannot find the answer here, please do get in touch with Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) team of experts so we can help you.

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