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Amit Daga

Business Head

“We have started by purchasing channels and counting on the motto of connecting with new customers and taking responses seriously. Buying measure has gradually become irrelevant with the coming of biddable media. In order to achieve business excellence it is now necessary for an agency to build new strategies everyday. Applying data in an intelligent manner is equally important.”

A company requires a diligent and efficient business head who helps to head business in the right direction by providing the necessary push. Amit Daga is one such jewel in the crown of Hifi Digital Axis who having being heading this new and promising Digital Marketing Company to reach out to more people and make a permanent impression in their hearts. Amit provides the company with the needed strategies which while utilizing the positive points or strengths of the company makes it capable enough to trade successfully. The proper utilization of the data in a smart way actually boosts up the performance of the company and this secret is well known to the business head of this company.

With an enviable experience of fifteen years, Mr. Daga knows the pulse of this industry and how to direct it to attract more traffic in form of audiences. In the present day, technologies have improved immensely and so, the digital marketing companies need to up their game equally so as to satiate the needs of their clients. Amit, the business head is aware of this and so acts accordingly. His complete wisdom and expertise combined with his leadership skills make him an attractive package which is extremely crucial for the company and its advancement. Following his practical policies and applying those accurately, the company is able to generate the planned sales which attract others. And then, he is there to supervise the efforts and do the needful for his company. He is an asset who continuously strives to better his company!

Ideas from Amit Daga

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