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Sharad Jha

Director & Founder

“Our freshly brewed content and our audiences are the main bills we count to create new connections everyday.”

Sharad Jha is the founding head and Director of Hifi Digital Axis Private Limited, who with his brilliant ideas have helped the company to reach a praiseworthy position. It is because of his marketing skills and strategies, that the company has become a commercial hit, throughout the world. The company has been in the business for approximately three years and has been able to pull quite an attractive amount of traffic on a daily basis by virtue of the founder’s knowledge and appropriate decisions. Sharad has been in this industry for the past thirteen years and therefore has the correct amount of experience, to create and nurture any venture successfully. He knows that content and audiences are the two pillars which help any company to grow and flourish extensively. So, he tries to employ such powerful and alluring contents which will provide his clients with a solid base of audience, which will thereafter prove the capability of the company.

Connection and communication are the two driving forces which help a business to thrive properly and in this digital age, it is very important to utilise the modern means so as to earn the desired result.  Sharad understood this and therefore tried to use mobile marketing and Social Media as much as possible to create a platform and build a base where the audience can communicate with clients freely to stir up a connection. With this idea, he founded the digital marketing company that addresses this issue and eases the life of other people by providing them with the necessary requirements. Thus, Sharad Jha is the bright mind who brought about an exciting change!

Ideas from Sharad Jha

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