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Deepika Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

“Every once in a while, an old problem, a new technology, and a big idea turn into a revolution.”

Deepika Sharma is a true professional, a true mastermind, and the Chief Technology Officer of Hifi Digital Axis. By training, she is having an experience legacy of 8 years. Through her career she has devoted behind the well being of the organization. Besides supervising the business proceedings of the company, she has managed the technical and also the non-technical processes in collaboration with the respective teams.

Her approach of facing a challenge is to innovate a unique culture and help the leader as well as the employees, excel in their respective fields. She then exhibits a new idea using her technological knowledge to contribute to resolve it. She is an expert to work in an entrepreneurial environment. It also includes the inter-personal relationship made with other major business websites for business branding and creating global presence.

As the head of technology division and an innovative, performance and result oriented techno functional professional, she is instrumental in overseeing product design, development & execution. With her amazing capability of foreseeing the challenges, Deepika is the mastermind behind this one of its kind initiative. Within her, sparks the power of technology, innovation and data collection and she puts these together to bring about an effective outcome that improves the strength of HDA.

Solving industry problems is like a child’s play to this lady. She has vast knowledge about big data and automation technology. Such skills, in turns helps in offering solutions that are practical and cost-effective. Her off-time is surrendered to the third eye capturing alluring natural sights. Her initiatives are rooted in three key areas mainly: authorize internal improvement, leverage creativity and external talent, and create a mutual community to handle complicated issues of strategic significance.

Ideas from Deepika Sharma

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