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Sumit Jha

Digital Media Consultant

“This organisation is running successfully since it’s very origin as the strategy was to plan and act around the audiences and not products. Marketing and shaping the vision is dependent on the intention of the customers.”

A digital marketing company tends to run successfully if an appropriate amount of attention is paid to the people who actually make the business possible. It is more important to create strategies and plans centring around the audiences and not the products for the better benefit of the company. An adept audience planner only knows how to plan accordingly which helps in the proper flourishing of the business. Sumit is one such efficient person. He heads the section of audience planning of Hifi Digital Axis, a digital marketing company with potential trying to cement its footing in this industry.

He with his experience of twelve years in this field of work plays the poignant role of searching for products and engaging in partnerships that benefit the audience. It is his job to understand the insight of the audience and know what they want and help them receive the same. He creates innovative policies and marketing strategies which attracts and benefits the audiences. The products, formats, and features of the company are designed in such a manner which certainly enhances the marketing condition and satisfies the audiences. He builds the team which working together is capable of uplifting the morale as well as addressing any kind of work.

He leads the optimization endeavours and also pushes the mere audience to be a potential client. His sense and skill in understanding the nerve of the people and taking the right decisions at the right moment make his an irreplaceable member of the company. Under his guidance, many more aspiring employees are learning the tricks which will prove beneficial in the upcoming years!

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