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Raghuavendra Nayak

Digital Marketing Strategist

“Our HDA has grown bigger gradually as all social media platforms are being handled with new strategies. Social media promotion plays counts in the development and popularity of any organization.”

Chalking out and developing new marketing strategies is the forte of Raghuavendra Nayak, the main Digital Marketing Strategies at Hifi Digital Axis. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts.

Raghuavendra Nayak can consolidate all the applicable marketing channels and platforms – from content marketing to SEO paid media, into one actionable plan that is then used to launch the marketing of a product or service. He is a strategist who is a mix of modernization, creativity and a tech-savvy individual who have the ability to distinguish trends before they peak. He uses those insights to create an international marketing strategy and movement for the brand he caters to. He is serving his own passion in Hifi Digital Axis for 13 years with no miss.

Via his marketing strategies he has always tried to connect with new clients at the proper moment. That means she has pointed out where people are showing interest online. She then captured their interest and channelized them towards HDA, through her innovative connection strategy. Through a deep understanding of strategy, she develops a plan that connects the brand of hifidigitalaxis.com to the online consumer. Raghuavendra also helps the cross-functional team to enlarge ideas to bring together brand goals, retailer objectives and consumer needs.

Digital Marketing ideas form a backbone of any online venture. Thus, it can be said that Raghuavendra plays a pivotal role to reach Hifi Digital Axis into the spotlight.

Ideas from Raghuavendra Nayak

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