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Pankaj Shukla

Business Development Representative

“Target Driven attitude is all you need to excel in the field of managing business development of a particular company. We have grown paying keen attention to details like seamless offering of marketable content.”

Business development managers essentially generate new annual income and help a company grow and they are the mainspring of any triumphant organization. Mr. Pankaj Shukla is also not an exception in this regard. The primary manifest for Pankaj Shukla is to spot innovative business ideas. The nature of HDA later counts on the success manifested by the innovative ideas of Pankaj. But he is more than suitable to examine and find new markets, newer ways to tough the already existing markets, new partnerships or new offerings or products to satiate the ever changing requirements of the accessible market.

When one is trading with a newly formed initiative, it’s very satisfying when the development strategy pays off and the results can be clearly seen. Your position demands a lot of innovative ideas to grab some golden opportunities and to inaugurate quick evolution keeping pace with the new market place. So, he knows how to grab the opportunity and follow his own strategy and make it happen for the growth of Hifi Digital Axis.

He thinks that this job is a constant confront and requires a number of efficiency – cutting edge business sense, some marketing skills, strategy enlargement and enactment. He is taking the challenges for 14 years for the growth of Hifi Digital Axis.  A good communication can take you from the crust of the world to heaven. The most special key point he has is a good communication skill which is very mush required to be the best employee of the year as business development manager. Along with that he has good business sense, enough knowledge of marketing principles, ability to accept everything new, and excellent negotiation skills.

Ideas from Pankaj Shukla

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