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How can a small business profit from customer reviews?

A review of a customer is a service or product which is made by people or customer who used or purchased or had experience with all service or product. It’s a form of people’s feedback on online shopping or electronic commerce sites. It is important to classify for accuracy by other users. The major review sites are Angie’s list, C-net, Judy’s book, yelp, amazon.com, qupe, TripAdvisor, flitterweb etc. It served positively or negatively to highlight the various aspect of a business, including services, products, customer support and many engagements. Online reviews of customer are founded from many places.

  • Common search engine delivers local results like Google or Bing.
  • Directory site like yp.com or Yelp.
  • Niche sites for restaurant or trip like Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor.
  • Angie’s list for paid services
  • Social media like Facebook
  • Another type of online reviews like as- Posts blog or article by the third party, comments on blogs, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram posts.

Not only the customer’s reviews in online are spread widely there is wide use of internet connection to make their decision. According to the present data, 90% customer read reviews online and 88% trust such reviews on business surveys. Reviews present search result before the user search through your website. As a business owner, you don’t like the negative reviews. Always you prefer positive reviews. But mistakes and miscommunications are presented but you have to know how to overcome these negativities.

Online reviews benefits

Positive reviews are effective in business operations. Here we discuss some benefits of online reviews.

  • Positive promotion: approval of your potential customer is more credible than anybody says his demand about the profit of the business. People can take apart positive reviews on social sites.
  • Provide services: external review sites have a key role to generate reviews of service products on business. It is a highly reliable source in present days. It is not about only offering the product of your business; it’s a clear view of the experience of an engaging customer of your business. It provides some small notifications that you might forget to give information such as information about a plumber or who serve the bottle of the water in a tour guide.
  • Convey brand personality: it increased business value by conveying brand personality. It presents your personality to the customer. If you continuously nourish an unhappy customer or show recognition to satisfy consumer then you supervise the customer.
  • Build confidence: everybody is different in their own way. You can’t satisfy all at the same time. Rest of all these things, negative reviews present never lets you hide anything. It helps to clear and maintain transparency in your business policy.
  • Upgrade ranking: due to increasing number of directories, platforms, websites it is significant to monitor and manage reputation online. With a stability of response tactics, maintenance, prevention, it is the advantage of the reviews for progress your business.

Get profit from customer review

  • Always acknowledge– sometimes you avoid the dislike of facebook posts due to damage or bad reputation of your business. A maximum number of unhappy customers do not report or any complaint to your business. But who serves you a second chance, take benefit of it cause it helps to increase customer retention, satisfaction and profits.
  • Reaction reflects business aim– all interaction with consumer believe that it is permanent and public. Never admit your feelings for an individual. The public face is more important to your business than the individual.
  • Take online comments– getting comments constructively and carefully is the significant role in business. It means you take care of the pattern of the business.
  • Regard privacy– you give importance to customer’s private information and respect all about these. You never ask any confidential details on the public forum.

End note

Today customer is an important role in an online market. Due to the increase in the popularity of social media, customer feedback or review is playing a crucial role to get profit from online marketing.

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