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Top 5 ‘Must-Use’ Mobile Marketing Methods

Mobile marketing is a digital multi-channel marketing strategy through smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices to reach a targeted audience via email, SMS, MMS, websites, social media, and mobile applications. In modern days, 80% of the internet users have smartphones. Over 3.6 billion people are surfing the internet every moment. So mobile is a great tool to drive mobile users to a brand to buy their products. Everything that can be done on a personal computer, is now available on smartphones. From opening an email to surfing through various contents on the internet, everything can be done on a smartphone. These all online things are accessible through these small screen devices.

Advertising a brand or an organization to the potential customers to convince them to connect with them and to deal with them by purchasing their products and services, is the main focus of mobile marketing. Advertising the brand on a small screen is very much easy and affordable for a company and as well as it is very much effective with respect to any other promotion techniques. Effective mobile marketing means making out the mobile audience, designing and illustrating contents in mobile-friendly platforms and creating strategies to reach customers through mobile-friendly advertising.

There are various platforms for mobile marketing.

  • Emails
  • SMS and MMS
  • Websites
  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Applications

To succeed in mobile marketing strategy, one must follow some methods to build up potential buyers.

Here are 5 ‘Must-Use’ Mobile Marketing Methods to follow-

  1. Make a responsive website– A responsive website means a website that is friendly with according to screen sizes.Making a site that is not responsive will be harder for customers to understand the purpose of the brand. It will make them leave the site immediately after they find it complicated on a small screen.A mobile-friendly website will increase their wish to be on that site for more time and this will eventually drive them to purchase products and services. So, it is the mostimportant mobile marketing method to reach audience through websites.
  2. Create mobile friendly content– The content written on the website is the base of that site. If it is appealing, then customers will stay otherwise not. But in mobile phones, people are not interested to read about the page at all. What they are interested in is why they came on that specific webpage. So, a great Headline will always make the audience go crazy about the page and that will make them interested to stay on that page.Also, the content should not be big, as in small screen will show that big content as a huge one. It will make the readers bored to go through further. Short and compact content is always a great choice for mobile marketing. So, making mobile-friendly content is the next step after making a responsive website.
  3. Marketing through emails, SMS & MMS– Strategically, writing text messages and emails can be a great tool in mobile marketing. Writing an appealing email or messages with information about their profits will bring the audience to a brand’s website. Then the responsive website with mobile-friendly content will do the rest to hold up the customer. It is a great method to bring customersto deal with a brand.
  4. Social Media Promotions– Social media is a great tool itself to bring buyers into a website. A Facebook page for the company is not less important than a website. These pages can collect customers in a line and promotion through these pages will make them aware of the deals and offers provided by the company. It helps to make a stronger relationship between company and a customer.
  5. Develop Mobile Application– Creating and developing a mobile application is an irreplaceable method for mobile marketing. A mobile app is definitely mobile friendly and advertisements through mobile apps is a great procedureto catch audience attention.

Now that you have the above mentioned handy tips, you can easily deploy them to make your mobile marketing strategy highly effective.

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