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How to Turn Ordinary Social Media Conversations into Actionable Sales Leads

Actionable sales in only possible when companies are interested in the engagement of a large number of audience, followers and customers with a positive campaigns in a meaningful way which can lead and guide the customer to procure their brand.

Build up the process of Engagement the key of marketing in Social Media

  • Explore customer’s behaviour, expectation and demand.
  • Build up a relationship between customer and buyer in an authentic way.
  • Research on other brand initiative and experiment on the basis of that to produce better outcome.
  • Focus on consistent, meaningful and relevant message to serve better.
  • Redefine the engagement procedure to secure brand leadership.
  • Confident in efforts by closing the customer engagement gap and truly drive engagement for all type of audience.
  • The proper measuring, managing, integrating and monitoring of Social listing is very important which may be initiated to interact with viewers through Blogs, Websites, Social networking site etc. for sale. Social listing is a powerful research tool than traditional marketing tool though it has a direct contact with global audience of customer.

Develop a process to convert everyday social media conversation into Actionable Sale

  • Manage a Database about Social media– Search about the Social Media site which generates the maximum sales leads of your business, then you find the most visited groups and pages engaging the most number of people in conversation on social network like Facebook, Twitter etc. Social media listing tools are of great help in this regard.
  • Engaging in Conversation– Social Media operators are sharing their opinions constantly. So begin engage into conversation with them and asking question in respect of business and brand yields the maximum result. Engage followers into regular conversation and make them a crazy fan of the brand and gather valuable information about your brand. Answer all their queries through an active social media management tool.
  • Value creating Offer– From data and conversation, develop value yielding offers and engage able content and help to control buying reluctance by giving the answer of customer questions. Give some free sample of product, free subscription or discount to the audience of social media which keep them engaging with your brand and start to deliver real value-added package and service which make the brand more irresistible to procure among the followers.
  • Sharing Procedure– To capture more customer or audience of brand content and its offer, make a conveniently located prominent sharing button and share it through a catchy social post in your social network. Use audience or followers as a tool and make the sharing process practically effortless.
  • Introduce an effective call to action– Introduce an effective call to the audience, follower or customer on social media about the brand or product to incorporate the views. Actionable word like Download, Submit, Click here, Learn more, about us etc. helps to know the customer about the idea of company in respect of their brand or product. A sense of offering top priority may be introduced by using last 2 sample left, last call, last day, etc. Remember always that this call should be true and too promotional. So use simple conversation like “Back on your Call” or like, “You enquirer, We delivered” ,”Push the button, Claim the offer” etc to clear to make the audience understand that the company is listening their demand and care for it.
  • Create a Specific Landing Page to Set a Platform in Social Media– Create a great landing page which holds all about the Sale of Brand prospects in a nut shell. All messaging should be perfectly synchronised with button for call to action and sharing proper messages in social media which will bring in audiences to the landing page. Give all the information in this page as per the viewers need to make a decision right. Use a technique to convey the message more subtly. Offer to be conveyed as quickly and as persuasively as possible. To Grab the attention of viewers from Sale prospect, make a Unique headline. For proper advertising, promotion and branding, use photo or network-specific image templates in pages which should be compelling and concise, that adds a value and offers you the perfect situation to earn, give email address and other necessary information. Make a target to convert your follower on social media or audience into a valuable customer to lead the sale of a brand.

End Note

Constant monitoring the conversation with audience, continuously optimising and testing the messaging and targeting offer according to the current requirements and demands helps to turn social media into actionable sales.

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