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Why Media Planning Will Become More Important in Your Future Marketing Plans?

Media planning is the process of identifying, analyzing and selecting media outlets in which to place paid advertisements for an organization or a business or a product. Newspapers, TV, Radio Stations, Magazines, Websites, Social Networking Sites are the main Media outlets where a company can place their intended advertisements to promote their product or business or organization. The person who evaluates many media options and takesstrategy of campaigns to give assistance to a particular product or a brand or service is known as media planner. Media planners are basically hired by advertising agencies.

A media planner will develop a detailed plan of advertising a brand with respect to a client’s budget for advertising. Media planner can help to reach a targeted audience through advertising mechanism planned by him/her. His coordinated strategy will follow a brand’s expectations to target fixed audiences or customers to see their promotion activities.The main purpose of media planning and advertising is to makepotential customers aware of thecompany’s product and to convince them to buy their products or services.

The world is changing thoroughly and we are getting habited with technology. Soon there will be days when Media Planning will become the main marketing plans or strategy to catch up buyers. Near about 3.6 billion people are surfing the internet in every second in current days and it will be rising in future. Around 2.5 billion people read newspapers on daily basis. There are near about 2.4 billion radio listeners worldwide. So, one can easily imagine the true potential of media planning to create an advertisement to reach a targeted audience. Soon online media marketing will take over the huge part in promotions of brands, products, services, organizations etc.

There are some processes of media marketing which are followed to cover up a portion of potential buyers.

Processes of media marketing

  • Market Analysis: Market analysis is the process to get an idea about which audience a company is willing to target.
  • Creating Media Objective: This process is to build up a media outlet plan to promote a brand through advertisements.
  • Building Strategy: In this process, the strategies are made to catch up with customers and building a connection with them.
  • Implementation: Implementation is the ‘taking action’ part of all plans created earlier to build up potential customers.
  • Evaluation and Taking plans according to market:This is a very crucial process. After each process is done, it is to be analyzed how the media planning is working in the market. If the plan is not working, then the strategy should be changed. If it is giving successful outcomes, then existed plan should be followed by creating more perfections in them.

In our up-to-date world, door-step marketing is getting converted into digital marketing through media marketing. Media marketing has some benefits over conventional marketing. These benefits are dominating the common marketing by spreading up its advantages day by day.

Advantages of Media Marketing

  • Media marketing can reach a huge number of customers throughout the world. Sometimes it can reach specifically in a region or in between specific age limits. This actually targets the main audience a company intends to.
  • Through media marketing you can offer a detailed description of services or products offered by you. Once the potential clients understand your specialty, they will find interest in your online platform.
  • This can conveniently convenience audience to become a purchaser of the product shown in the advertisement.
  • Media marketing illustrations are better than common marketing illustrations to catch the attention of customers.

Bottom line

These advantages over conventional marketing strategies are making media marketing the best platform to promote or advertise something that is intended to sell. Future is gonna taken over by these marketing plans for business owners. So, media planning will become more important in future marketing plans.

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