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Brand Strategy & Experience Design

Innovative and unique brand strategies are always very crucial to lead a particular brand towards the summit of success and reputation. Hifi Digital Axis provides your brand the better client satisfaction and also enhances the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Why is Brand Strategy important?

It is your Brand that speaks about the purpose and motives of your business and Brand Strategy is more like an overall personality of your company. It is also the ultimate thing that makes your customers connected to your brand and its products or services on a constant basis.  Therefore, strong brand strategy is essential to bring life into your business. Developing a well-reputed brand requires proper evaluation and analysis of the vision of the company along with the strategic marketing plans.

What do you get from Hifi Digital Axis?

The group of Hifi Digital Axis can provide you a proper brand planning and the ultimate customer experience design without an exception to make sure your brand stays ahead in this highly competitive market. We can even help you to evaluate and understand the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your company.

Our experienced and skilled marketing professionals know best how to shape the perception of your customers through smart game plans which will finally lead your brand towards the long-term goal. Our marketing specialists can also guide you in better brand planning to entice the customers and make them choose your company over another.

Hifi Digital Axis vows to help you in building well connected brand without compromising with the marketing objectives. We also ensure our clients to maximize the ROI or the Return of Investment.

You can find the tariff plans of the all the services and packages that we offer at the end of this page. Get your preferable package and service at the best possible price in the market as per your business requirements.

Experience Design:

Customer satisfaction is the pillar of the prosperity of any company. At the end of the day it is your customers who will drive your brand to the every corner of this world. Therefore it is crucial to take great care of the customer experience.  By developing plans for creating, activating and managing info-rich content you can retain the traffic within your enterprise. Identifying the right mix touch points and communication channels are also significant to carry out your business goals adequately.

We not only help you to develop better brand strategies but also help you to implement those plans and measure the success across the channels while driving lucrative ROI.


If you are looking for the smart brand planning that can bring the glorious change to your company, then it is the right time to consult with the group of Hifi Digital Axis. Our skilled professionals are efficient enough to show you the right path to build a strategic marketing plan and experience design for your business.

For further queries and details, please contact us through e-mail and phone calls.

Brand Strategy and Experience Design Service Packages & Pricing

Brand Strategy & Experience Design Service

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$500.00One TimeOne Time Investment
$650.00One TimeOne Time Investment
$850.00One TimeOne Time Investment


Action Plan We will provide a tailored action plan to improve your marketing strategy

Promotional Campaign We will create a promotional campaign for your business

Page & Channel Evaluation Review of your website/social page to understand your niche and make strategic content marketing recommendations

Influencers Identified The number of relevant influencers we will identify in your niche




Competitors Researched The number of competitors we will research




Revisions The number of tweaks we includes




Turnaround Time

20 Working Days

25 Working Days

40 Working Days


Email & Chat


Project Management Tool Tracking

Logo Design --- --- ---
CRM Integration --- --- ---
CMS --- --- ---
Inventory Management System --- --- ---
Responsive Design --- --- ---
Database Integration --- --- ---
Payment Gateway Integration --- --- ---
Blog --- --- ---
Customer Feedback --- --- ---
Multiple Currency Support --- --- ---
Multiple Language Support --- --- ---
Discount Coupon --- --- ---
Jobs Management --- --- ---
Google Location Map --- --- ---
Write a Review --- --- ---
Payable Amount $500.00 $650.00 $850.00
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FAQs about HDA Brand Strategy & Experience Design Service

  • What defines a brand?

    Your brand puts your product or service across to consumers in a clear and memorable way. Some components of your brand will usually include a name, a logo, an overall style and a slogan. Your brand will begin to represent all the attributes and image of your product or service, which will then translate to the positive (and hopefully not negative) feelings that consumers have about you. A brand can help a company stand out in a competitive marketplace, whether they are large or small.
  • What type of budget will we need to develop a brand?

    Deciding on your values and special selling points does not need to cost anything. But communicating your brand message and style will require a budget. You’ll need to develop a mission or brand statement that conveys your message. Think about design needs, such as a logo and any brochures and collateral items. Invest some time at the company level so your staff understands the brand values. It doesn’t need to happen all at once, but plan financially for bringing to life the visual representation of what your brand means.
  • How long does it take to build a brand?

    Building up a memorable brand can take many years, but assuming your company is ready to dive in, it can be an engaging process for your entire team. Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) branding process begins at a minimum of six weeks, continually evolving with your needs. As your customers accept your brand values, and things continue to move in a positive direction, your product or service will blossom.
  • Why do we need to create a brand when we already have a customer base?

    A strong brand eventually becomes established and embodies your message and benefits for you. Even when you have a good base of customers, your brand is your ambassador, appealing to and reassuring existing customers and enticing potential new customers. So as your brand is ready for growth, this consistent message can grow and evolve in the same way your audience has.
  • What are some effects of having a successful brand?

    A great brand generally helps result in improved profitability and marketing performance, proving that a positive brand image is just as valuable an asset as anything financial. Return on investment (ROI) can be hard to measure when it comes to branding; but when done right, branding can bring your company and your audience together in a unique and powerful way.

    Need help crafting your brand? Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing brand, contact Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) team of experts for an evaluation of your branding goals.

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