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Programmatic is confusing and daunting. Doesn’t it? Hifi Digital Axis is the one and only Marketing platform that is designed to steer your business in a simpler, low-overhead way. It helps marketers and their agencies connect with consumers at the challenging moment to enhance performance with uplift towards the goal via either managed or self-service.

Moment scoring

HDA provides moment scoring to foresee the right moment for action. We have marketing terms that could fit with company’s financial objectives to meet the Marketing Services.  We are providing Visible Player Wizard to modify advertising opportunities. HDA will help you secure your profile and contextual information. HDA can control the frequency, accuracy, and relevance of messaging across any device.

Improving ROI

ROI is a popular metric because of its versatility and simplicity. It can be used as a rudimentary gauge of an investment’s profitability.

  • Our investment comes with improving ROI with unlimited media spend across objectives, channels, and devices. Our enhancement in Programmatic Buying Solutions includes smart features to make it faster and more effective. We are aiming to hit a 30% increasing Return on investment (ROI) plan.
  • ROI can be measured by this formula. Return of Investment= (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment.

Integrated DMP/DSP

HDA wants to provide a Programmatic Marketing Services that will stop data loss, latency, and fractured views. The moment scoring of marketing stack will be enhanced.

If you want to experience the AI-powered DSP, we allow you to build, deliver and analyze your entire media plan. Let us supercharge your data with our acclaimed AI-powered engine, which sits across your DSPs. To maximize the elements of your media plan and see into your data, DSP/DMP can increase your impact to make an effective performance base Media Buying Solution. With this engine, you are provided full views of necessary channels. You should engage, upsell, and retarget in real time. We are showcasing every aspect of scenario for the betterment of the business. You will be informed of the new best option.

CRM and Marketing Platforms

We have Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, Marketo, IBM. With these marketing, the stack will surely enhance.  Data is the engine of any programmatic strategy, and an efficient engine gets the job done. Your first-party data is the material you collect your own, remarks the onset of a great audience strategy. This is the type of information you can get from Google Analytics or a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Understand these to create remarketing lists that, even if simple and straightforward, can get your job done.  We are providing Double-click Bid Manager (DBM) to make a list of existing loyalty card-holding customers, gleaned from your offline CRM system.


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