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Mobile App Development

Hifi Digital Axis is a multi-tasking Web Development Company, benevolent to consumers with its experimental, authentic projects that minimize the effort of a client and help them become active with it. We are here to provide a customer-centric mobile app development for giving friendly experience.

Android App Development

Android is one of the fastest growing operating systems for Smartphone. It has versatile, user-friendly applications & flexibility which had made it amidst favorites. HDA have their professionals who can meet your requirements and expectations. We have access to a variety of tools and technologies which are considered to be the best for any android devices. We are providing Android App Development service globally.

Windows Mobile App Development

The use of the mobile app is escalated in business, nowadays. Our team is developing brilliant applications that will be equally useful and time-saving. HDA is performing as the Windows Mobile Application Development Company which offers you the best Mobile App Development services with iPhone, iPad, and Android.  We have experienced personnel with sound knowledge in that particular area. We are providing services in reasonable price, and with time-bound delivery. We are offering dynamic and robust applications to eliminate the peculiarities of Mobile UI Design.

iPhone App Development

We are a top-notch iPhone App Development Company. HDA-designed model is very selective, flawless, profitable, and above all practical and user-friendly. We are serving our iPhone App Development services to various industries such as business, health, eCommerce, education, social networking, entertainment, finance, and game.

  • We are having many mobile apps including ASK IN WORLD, TWINKLODE, and TAXIMO etc.
  • ASK IN WORLD being a community has solutions to every problem. With this, we are working as a PHP Development Company as it is a mobile app which provides a backend develop with PHP.
  • TWINKLODE is a social media application where clients can post their ideas. It is built on a universal theme. Everything inside this app is represented as a virtual space where users are allowed to give meaningful feedback.
  • TAXIMO is a Taxi-booking app. Drivers are available and they will reach their destination by following the online maps. Passengers can pay by cash or debit card or credit card.

Outsourcing model

We are offering plenty of outsourcing models to identify client’s utility and bifurcate work. We have fixed rate in plans. We are having offshore development center that supports customized development over client’s changing demand for Application Migration.

Bottom line

We are leaders in Web and Mobile App Development for the above-mentioned reasons.  We are presenting talented technical professionals who are well-expertise in the new generation technologies, offering versatile informative tech-solutions to our widely spread clients.

Mobile App Development Service Packages & Pricing

Mobile App Development Service

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$750.00One TimeBasic eCommerce App Pre-Developed
$1,250.00One TimeCustom App Based Your Theme
$1,650.00One TimeComplete App As Per Your Need


What You Get

HDA basic app model with backend where you can upload products and add categories from CMS

Modification To Basic App As per your need , Product Listing , App Theme According your need

Complete Modification to CMS , Product Listing , App UI and Theme

Splash Screen HDA will create a splash screen for your app

App Submission HDA will upload your app to the appropriate app store with a developer account provided by you

Ad Network Integration HDA will integrate an Ad network to the app

Include Source Code You get source code with the delivery

App Icon HDA will create an icon for your app

Mobile Operating Systems HDA will develop the app for the amount of OS (e.g. iOS, Android)




Revisions The number of tweaks we includes




Turnaround Time

30 Working Days

45 Working Days

60 Working Days


Email & Chat


Project Management Tool Tracking

Payable Amount $750.00 $1,250.00 $1,650.00
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FAQs about HDA Mobile App Development Service

  • What is the difference between Native App and Web Based App?

    Native apps are built for specific platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). They are built using platforms’ native SDK and development platforms and are able to use some of the specific features of the device – e.g. Camera, Volume controller, speaker, etc. The web-based apps (also web-apps) run within the mobile browser and are virtually web pages that imitate the look of a native mobile UI. Such apps are advantageous over native apps as they give the same user-experience on different smartphones. However, they can’t use some features of devices like native apps.
  • Do you develop mobile app for all platforms?

    Yes, we build mobile applications for all major mobile development platforms. You can hire our developers for developing an app for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android. Whether you want to develop apps for just one or two platforms or want to develop an app that works on all the mobile platforms, we are at your service.
  • Suppose you develop app for me, what about the revenue this may generate?

    We don’t have control over this. Nevertheless, most of the applications developed by HDA do well on the market. If you are keen to earn out of the application, we recommend using our Business Analysis provided by the experts. HDA offers consultancies in such cases.
  • What if I want changes to be made in the app once it is launched or delivered?

    If you want the changes to be made in the app, it will cost you. We recommend having the project scope defined before beginning the project to save time and money.
  • Do you also upload the application to app store?

    Yes, we do it for free. Nevertheless, you’ll have to pay the minimum amount of charge (fees) by the main company (for example Apple App Store Yearly charges $99.00 ).
  • Which framework or programming language would you use to develop a mobile application?

    The framework or programming language that we use to develop applications depends upon the chosen platform by the client. For example, for iPhone applications, we use iOS SDK, Objective C, Swift, Xcode, and other tools and technologies provided by Apple. Similarly, for Android applications, we use Android SDK. We have expertise in frameworks of Open Source and Microsoft Technologies for Web Service and API based applications.
  • Can I make one app which would work in all platforms (like iPhone, iPad, Android)?

    Yes, you can get an application that would work in all platforms. For such development, you need to go for cross-platform mobile development in which our developers use frameworks that are used to develop the main application and then deploy it across your desired platforms. For more information on our cross-platform development services, you can check out our services for cross-platform mobile development.
  • Can you use the graphics/UI which I have created?

    Yes, we can. You can hire us for just writing codes for programming.
  • Does your company guarantee that Apple won’t reject the app?

    Most of the mobile apps we develop don’t get rejected. There are no special criteria for this but just making a neat and clean app works. Our apps are full-proof and bug-free as they pass from various robust testing. Though we don’t guarantee approval on iTunes as it may be rejected other than a technical fault.
  • Do you also do marketing of Mobile apps?

    Yes, we do.
  • Do I require Hosting or Website to get a mobile application developed?

    Need of hosting or website depends on what architecture your application is using. If your application requires database and web services that connect database to the app, you need hosting in order to manage database and those web services. If you already have hosting infrastructure and server – we can help you utilize the same. As far as website goes, if you need your end users to do any activity or you need website for marketing your app, we can help you develop that as well.
  • Can we update the content of application after it’s built?

    You may! Nevertheless, this may be chargeable.
  • What are web services/API?

    Unlike web apps, mobile apps do not have access to remote databases. In order to fetch the data from the servers, an alternative service is needed. Web services or APIs are that alternative. By creating XML/JSON files from the database, we can use data from these files for user application.
  • Can we use Flash?

    No. Flash is not supported on any iOS device. The support for flash is going to be discontinued from Adobe (who owns flash now) for mobile devices. Also, the flash is very rapidly being replaced by core SDK capabilities and HTML5.
  • Do you get my app listed under “New and Noteworthy”?

    Well, who doesn’t want to be there in that spot? Saying that, it totally depends on how cool is your app idea, as well as the app as one solid product. Apparently, it is all up to Apple and Google staff when it comes to selecting an app to feature there. But having a great concept put together well increases your changes. So, it is not just us, however our role could be significant in having you take your app to that place.

    If you cannot find the answer here, please do get in touch with Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) team of experts so we can help you.

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