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Hifi Digital Axis is up to create a random project on website technology in all platforms. We are providing technology strategy, management, solution design, and application development across all platforms. We have strong database and data management, infrastructure management, and application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions for the better outcome.

Flexibility is the key factor

Our technology services are environment-friendly and clients can be very satisfied with the reasonable packages along with time to time delivery process of the enterprise solutions. Our motto is to catch a plan, feed them with technical architecture and turn them into actions.

Responsive design

HDA is going through an early exponent of responsive designing. We are having a Responsive+ Design, when meets a server-side optimization, customize the performance of all devices with a better experience.  We also have app development services that use frameworks like Cardova/PhoneGap and native apps for iOS/Android devices using Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

Having an omnichannel presence

Besides, identification of the relevant data sources with the accumulation of data on the ground of customer interactions and predictive analysis and segmentation models, we are providing a unified profile of each customer to our client, which facilitates the hyper-targeted marketing across the web, mobile, email, banner, paid search, in the making of any channel you can imagine.

Content at its best

Hifi Digital Axis is providing a content integration framework with technology architecture that helps in planning, creating, organizing, distributing, testing and measuring content across various channels. We have access to Hearst’s content. It is a massive data warehouse of all articles which have already been published across Hearst properties. We are holding tier products from the top (Adobe, IBM, HP Autonomy, Sitecore) through the medium (Acquia Drupal, EpiServer, Sitefinity, Liferay) to lower (DNN, WordPress, Joomla).

E-commerce: beyond the expectation

Our teammates are very skillful with the top-rated e-commerce platforms such as ATG, Hybris, Demandware, and Magento. Apart from the sale, we are regulating a tight amalgamation with leading content management systems and personalization engines, to provide an active, secure, private and challenging experience.

When data defines opportunity

In order to strengthen HDA, we acquired Red Aril (later renamed Core Audience) in 2015, a leading data management and optimization platform.

In 2016, we launch

  • SearchAi: A platform to deliver audience-based search targeting through Google’s Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).
  • ResponsiveAi: Presenting the omnichannel digital approach to satisfy our clients.

Innovation Lab

Here we specifically test our mobile app development tools i.e.; Google Glass, Project Tango, Thalmic Labs Myo, Leap Motion,  Moto 360, Apple iPhones up to 6+and iPad, Samsung Tab, Samsung Galaxy up to S5, Samsung Notes, LG, Nexus, HTC One (M8), Nokia 920 / 1020, Windows Surface Pro, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.


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