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Website Design & Development

Design and development can make everything look ravishing and unique. Even your website sometimes needs a creative design. Let us add a bright look to your website to make your trade come out of the shell and flourish in the global market.

Importance of Website Design

Website design is the primary aspect that improves the look of your brand’s online presence. Having a great web design is nowadays becoming crucial as it boosts the growth and expansion of your trade.

Now the question might arise to your mind that why you need a website design when your website is functioning great. Well, designing a new website or redesigning your current ones will push your business towards a large number of audiences. That means more visits to your website, more loyal customers and more profits from the purchases of the products or services.

Above all, website designing is not about only about adding colors and styles to your site. It is also about strategy – how you promote your brand and earn fame worldwide.

Proper website designing also helps you to increase the flexibility of navigation and usability. The easy and user-friendly navigation always helps the viewers to find the right thing they are looking for on your website without any hassle.

A well-managed website attracts the customers to explore the site and its products more than once and also to spread your brand name by sharing with their friends and relatives. It is important to make your website look more trustworthy and more welcoming to build a long-term relationship with your customers and increase new traffic.

Hifi Digital Axis Services

Hifi Digital Axis believes that a website is like the digital face of any brand and therefore it is important to leave the first impression. Our expert team of website designers can help you to get a maker over of your website within your desired time.

If you are looking for a new website, our experienced designers are there to help you to get a custom web design and ensure outstanding revenue.

Even our professionals are also expert to give your existing website a more dazzling look by redesigning the entire look.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the packages and services deliverables that we offer whether you want to redesign, create your first online impression or site maintenance.

Let’s talk about the Website Development

Custom web development is equally important to lead your business towards the peak of success in today’s highly competitive market.

Website development gives your company the accessibility to get in touch with the millions of people all around the world and enlarge the range of loyal customers. Web-development is not only about designing your website but also about developing the contents, network security, social network services, web-server configuration and also increasing client alliance.

Developing a well-framed and professional looking website is crucial to flourish your business and step into the world of e-commerce.

Hifi Digital Axis Website Development services

When you partner with us, you get a wide variety of custom website development and solution with dynamic ideas and business models. Our dedicated web developers are efficient enough to absorb your business requirements and deliver customizable booming website development in a cost effective-manner.

Roll your eyeballs towards the end of this page and get all the services and packages of web-development that we offer.

Summing up

When it comes to give your website a professional and smart look or to develop your site to drive more traffic, Hifi Digital Axis can provide you the best web solution.

Get in touch with our professionals for more details regarding the website development services. Drop us an email or give us a call, we are always available to answer your queries.

  • Monthly Site Maintenance Service
  • Website Design and Development Service

Monthly Site Maintenance Service Packages & Pricing

Monthly Site Maintenance Service

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$350.00Per MonthSecurity Patches & CMS Updates
$650.00Per MonthFull Web Maintenance
$1,250.00Per MonthAfter Hours Maintenance


Quarterly CMS security patches

Annual CMS version upgrades

Monthly full-site backup and storage at 3rd party location (for easy restore)

Daily security scan

Urgent CMS support/restore

Design or development time

Upto 1 hour

Upto 3 hours

Upto 3 hours

WordPress CMS quarterly upgrades/security patches

WooCommerce Support

Online customer support system

Website Updates M-S 10a-7p (IST)

Turnaround Time

Clients on maintenance plans receive priority issue ticketing

Clients on maintenance plans receive priority issue ticketing

Clients on maintenance plans receive priority issue ticketing


Email & Chat


Project Management Tool Tracking

Payable Amount $350.00 $650.00 $1,250.00
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FAQs about HDA Monthly Site Maintenance Service

  • Why should I use Website Maintenance services?

    You need website maintenance to update your website and ensure its security. Maintenance activities by HDA experts improve user experience and support your SEO efforts.
  • How will your company help me with website maintenance?

    We have experienced website experts who understand the working of different website technologies. These experts support you with managing a single website or multiple websites.
  • What kind of website maintenance plans do you have?

    For a start-up or big organization, the website needs to differ. We have designed cost-effective website maintenance packages as per the varying needs of business.
  • Why should I go for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)?

    Most companies opt for a website maintenance AMC because it is economical compared to the high cost of hiring experts for resolving specific technical issues.

    If you cannot find the answer here, please do get in touch with Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) team of experts so we can help you.

Website Design and Development Service Packages & Pricing

Website Design and Development Service

Need more information?
Mail Us: hello@hifidigitalaxis.com

One Time Investment


No Of Pages ---
Style Of Design ---
Copyright Of Page ---
SEO W/ Placement Guarantee ---
Responsive Design ---
Database Integration ---
eCommerce Functionality ---
CMS ---
Logo Design ---
SEO Semantic Html Code ---
Integrated Contact Forms w/ Captcha ---
Payment Gateway Integration ---
Main Banner Management ---
News Management ---
Blog ---
Event Calander ---
Event Booking ---
Testimonials Management ---
Newsletter ---
Social Media Buttons ---
Broucher Management ---
Jobs Management ---
SEO Plugin ---
Google Location Map ---
XML Sitemap ---
URL Submission in SEs ---
Google Analytics ---
Website Training ---

Email, Chat, Phone

Project Management Tool Tracking

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Let HDA experts help you, mail us on hello@hifidigitalaxis.com

FAQs about HDA Website Design and Development Service

  • How much time will it take to complete my web design project?

    It may take few weeks to complete the design. Time is needed for research, discussion, approvals and revisions based on feedback.
  • Will my website be mobile-ready?

    For our clients to make the most of their design and to keep up with the times, we provide fully responsive and mobile friendly web design options.
  • Do I need a database management system for my website?

    If your website’s product involves several product categories, an integrated database system for your website will ease your website management workflow.
  • Can you make a search friendly web design?

    Yes, HDA web design experts can create a web design which can be easily crawlable by search engine bots and can improve your site’s search rankings.If you cannot find the answer here, please do get in touch with Hifi Digital Axis (HDA) team of experts so we can help you.

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